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Despite improvements in automotive technology, numerous Indiana consumers purchase lemon cars every year from new and used car dealers in Indiana. Under Indiana’s lemon law, however, you have the right to pursue a full refund of your costs (minus usage) or a replacement vehicle, and the lemon law attorneys of Homan Legal are here to help win your legal remedy.

If you believe you have purchased a lemon, simply contact our office to determine whether you are eligible for lemon law recovery, and we will take you through every step of the process to assess your likelihood of success, and guide you to your recovery. We offer free consultations on all lemon law matters, and will provide you with a candid, honest assessment of your options.

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Your Lemon Law Claim

Taking action in bringing a lemon law claim in Indiana is time-sensitive, and, to be eligible for lemon law relief, you need to report to the dealer a defect affecting the use, value, or safety of your automobile within the first 18,000 miles of use after purchase (whether it was new or used) or 18 months, whichever comes first.

Whether or not you have made this initial report, our attorneys can work with you to determine whether your car’s defect meets the standard for lemon law recovery, and we will also guide and oversee the process for meeting all other eligibility requirements, including presenting the car to the dealer for repairs.

Once these requirements have been met, our team will take swift and decisive action to obtain your preferred outcome, which can include either a replacement vehicle or the return of your purchase price plus incidental costs such as rental fees. Our experienced lemon law team of lawyers will handle all negotiation and dispute resolution on your behalf against the manufacturer’s legal representatives to win the justice and financial recovery you deserve in your lemon law matter.

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