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Our lives can be some consumed with working and attending to family that it can be easy to lose sight of one of the most important – and simplest – tasks to make sure your life’s work is passed on to those you care about most: estate planning. Homan Legal assists families and individuals throughout Indiana in guiding them through all aspects of estate planning.

An Indiana Estate Planning Attorney

Whether you have been working with an Indiana estate planning attorney for years and are now seeking professional guidance, or you have never taken the first step to manage your assets for your loved ones both during your life and beyond, our team of Indiana estate planning lawyers can work with you to protect and grow your assets so that you can leave a legacy for family and loved ones that honors your goals for their lives.

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How We Assist Our Clients

Why Estate Planning Matters

Estate planning is easy to put off, but doing so comes with great risks to your assets. If you die without a will in Indiana, your estate (any property that does not automatically transfer) must go to a probate court, where a judge will determine who should receive your property according to state law, and your assets will be depleted to pay the costs of litigation. With a will, you can take all necessary steps to fully distribute your estate – even if you are not sure what assets may be included at your passing – so that you can direct your property according to your wishes, and limit delay and legal costs for your loved ones.

Your Indiana Estate Planning Attorneys

Indiana laws regarding wills, living trusts and a number of other Indiana estate and probate laws can be difficult to navigate or understand. In addition to helping you create or update a will, our estate planning team will guide you in exploring the wide variety of estate planning tools that can provide further benefits for your beneficiaries, and even provide tax savings and other benefits now. Besides avoiding probate costs, we can help ensure that your assets are used to benefit specific aspects of a beneficiary’s life (e.g. education) while protecting assets from creditors. We also assist in creating tools that provide for your end-of-life needs, including powers of attorney.


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