Wills and Trusts

Having a will drafted is one of the most common things that people put off until "later." While it can seem daunting, Homan Legal can make the process quick and easy for you. We can send you information you need to work with us to get your estate planning documents in order.

In the unfortunate event that someone passes without a will, their property may be distributed according to the laws of the state of Indiana. Not only may that go against what the wishes of the deceased but it could be a burden on their family to deal with that process.

Whether it is for a will, a trust, or some combination thereof, Homan Legal can work with you to put in place the appropriate documents. We can also help you and your family draft living wills and power of attorney documents as needed.

We enjoy helping Hoosier families achieve security and stability by walking you through this process and providing you with the documents that are appropriate for you and your family.